Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hello Blogspot

Hey Folks,

This is Abhishek Sharma, a 3rd year Undergraduate Student at the IIT Bombay, Mumbai...
DON / Sharma / Sharmaji / Hippy / Abhi or "Brand Sharma" :D...these are some of the nickies by which my ppl call me...

Right now, its 4:40 am IndiaTime (the very night of the day my mid-sems ended)..and I am out of the senses spilling out the Gyan here, sheerly as a part of taking an initiative of creating a Personal Blog.

I plan this Blog to be used as a platform for Knowledge Sharing, It can be through expressing Philosophical Standpoints, framing Opinions on mainstream Issues, reporting personal experience..

The reason why I say "Life is a big Surprise !!" that it is full of crests and troughs & you never know what it has in store for you on the next moment.. Also, we all are sent on the earth to fulfill the underlying objective behind our Birth...i.e. to add values to this society in whatever way & to whatever capacity possible..
I guess this is good enough an explanation behind choosing this Blog-Title..Hope I didn't penetrate too much into my favorite "Philosophy"... :-)

Please do find some time to post your comments/feedbacks/opinions.


- Sharma